Our full range of services

From concepts and visualisation to urban design, master planning to heritage statements, contract administration and buildings regulations. We are available to support you with a range of technical services. These can be included within a larger project remit or provided on an individual basis to suit your needs.

Measured Building Surveys

Give your building a visual health check before development. Visualise all the structural and architectural elements of your building: floor plans, columns, cross sections, elevations and facades. Check for disparities between any inherited surveys and the current building. Advise of any underlying potential structural and building fabric failures, where visible and advising on engaging a structural engineer or building surveyor for further investigative work.

Concepts and Visualisation

See your vision realised on paper before you commit. Describing a design through words can only take you so far – you need to see the impression of the finished construction to fully understand its qualities and feel the mood it evokes. We can even create models and 3D illustration if you want to take your ideas further.

Master Planning

Context is everything. Map out the buildings and neighbourhood surrounding the site so you can create something that complements and is complemented by its environment. Spot the possibility of long-term development to the area from afar, so you can prepare for change from the outset. For residential clients planning their forever home, master planning is equally important.

Urban Design

Recreate a sense of belonging through space. Draw a line connecting people and place, making the spots we walk through and use every day a cause for conversation. Urban design bridges the design of buildings, spaces and landscapes to create cities, towns and villages that everyone loves

Space Planning

Bring out the full potential in the space you have. Whether it’s a small section of a workplace or an industrial complex. Space planning gives you the opportunity to improve the wellbeing of the people who use it, or expand your space without building extensions.

Planning Applications

Getting an application through the planning authorities can be frustrating, so it’s invaluable to have knowledgeable consultants on your side who can bring ease to the process. There are so many factors to keep track of, but we can help you keep moving forward without compromising design.

Heritage Statements

Preserving history can be an asset rather than a hindrance to design. Don’t leave this crucial stage of the planning application till the last moment. We can help you can build heritage considerations in from the beginning of the design process.

Building Regulations Packages

It’s not worth getting tripped up by technicalities. We can help you meet all the building regulations smoothly, drawing up the technical specifications that make the transition from design to construction as seamless as possible.

Contract Administration

You want someone you can trust from start to completion. We can manage the relationship between you and the builders, ensuring construction standards are met and your original vision is realised.

Equally, if your financial lender is seeking impartial monitoring for authorisation of releasing funds at different stages of the build, we can help.

Getting in touch…

Whether you’re ready to get your project started or want to discuss your ideas, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email or phone.