Bringing Your Vision to Life

There is nothing as exciting as working with an individual, couple or family and helping them to create their dream home. As a practice we have worked with a huge variety of clients, helping them realise their visions, from a luxury home with a swimming pool to a renovation project to improve accessibility for a paraplegic grandmother.

Getting to know you

We need to somehow embed ourselves into your life for a short period of time to understand you and your needs; we will ask many pertinent questions.

In one case, a homeowner needed a solution for their epileptic dog – we designed the necessary shower provision into their home to ensure they could give their pet the best care. No two clients are the same and that’s why our approach to domestic architecture is entirely bespoke and personalised.

Asking the right questions

Every architectural project begins with an idea. Our role is to help you turn that idea – that dream – into a potential reality that serves you and your family now and in the future. At the heart of our work together is a shared understanding of not only your needs, but your dreams, your aspirations. From there we can deconstruct the detail of your requirements, from your lifestyle to your personality, your budget, the land or property involved. In this way we’ll journey beyond the boundaries of your thinking so that together we can achieve the ideal architectural vision for you.

Setting out the details

Having everything set out clearly and concisely from the outset means you can rest assured that all the details will be covered throughout your project.

Our full range of services

From concepts and visualisation to urban design, master planning to heritage statements, contract administration and buildings regulations. We are available to support you with a range of technical services. These can be included within a larger project remit or provided on an individual basis to suit your needs.