Enlightening the Congregations’ Vision

With over 15 years’ personal experience in the faith sector, the practice has been able to encapsulate a congregations’ vision or a local parish’s need to deliver a variety of projects. These range from small scale Welcome Café Extensions to an existing faith building, renovating and extending a Grade II listed Church, overhauling tired Places of Worship, to delivering a bespoke purpose built Place of Worship and/or Community facility.

Learning about your Journey

Our aim is to understand your immediate and long term requirements that are influenced by faith members, financial constraints, building compatibility, local obligations and the like. We endeavour to absorb the material presented to us by the committee members, to understand the desired vision that congregation members seek from their journey, in order to serve to their community accordingly.

Questioning your Vision

Schisms are rare, but disagreements in a congregations’ vision can sometimes stall enlightenment and delivery of a project. Our aim is to hopefully short circuit these divisions and to offer a flavour of ideas with substance, which, not only will strengthen the cohesive vision of faith members, but to hopefully, deliver a concept that may have been ‘in the making’ for years. Your denomination is important, your commitments to society is invaluable and our aim is to be objective and pragmatic to your needs. No two projects echo the same requirements, which is why we endeavour, to ask all the right and sometimes, ‘uncomfortable’ questions.

Setting out the Journey

Once a vision is agreed and established, we can help you to move on from these concepts to firmly deliver the project through the planning and construction process. Your congregation and team members will be guided through all the relevant and necessary stages, whereby you will have various options to consider; for delivering a ‘value for money project’ or an iconic facility to serve your local community and your members needs; now, the next generation and the foreseeable.

Our full range of services

From concepts and visualisation to urban design, master planning to heritage statements, contract administration and buildings regulations. We are available to support you with a range of technical services. These can be included within a larger project remit or provided on an individual basis to suit your needs.