Nigel Axon, Architect


Set squares, compasses, rulers, Rotring pens – these were the toys of my early teenage years. My parents were having a home designed at the time and, encouraged by feedback on my drawings from the Architect who designed it, I set my sites on architecture.

I started my journey at Bangor Tech and went on to study at the University of Huddersfield, DeMontfort University and The University of Central England. During this time, I did as much work experience as I could, during the summer holidays and a year’s practice placement.

It was a testing rollercoaster journey to humanly consolidate integrity, respect and passion for the industry.

Today, with over 20 years’ experience as a RIBA Chartered Architect, I have worked on a range of projects, from faith buildings to luxury car showrooms, each of which bring their own challenges.

In that time, architecture has changed a lot. Computers have replaced our old tools and now almost anything can be designed. With the continuous change in building procurement and materials over the years and the environmental challenges we face today, we have the opportunity to adopt traditional and modern methods of construction.

As stewards of our global environment, designing for the built environment is our greatest challenges we currently face. With a passion for design and undertaking a moral responsibility for protecting our habitat, this is a great time to be an Architect.


The role of an architect is to go beyond the bricks and mortar and get to the very soul of a space, that elusive essence that shapes the lives of those who exist within it. Because buildings are a reflection of those who live and work within them. They need to welcome, to inspire, to provoke emotion, start conversation. And they need to do so while remaining effortlessly functional.


Engaging an architect is something that takes trust. You have ambitions for your space and you need an experienced, skilled and insightful professional to transform those desires into architectural expression. You also need someone who can ensure it can be achieved on time, on budget and with as few obstacles as possible. That’s why the practice combines a creative spirit with a pragmatic approach, and prioritises communication, transparency and relationship in all aspects of business. Whether your project is residential or commercial, our goal will always be to create an innovative solution that evolves to suit your changing needs.

Our Process

Every architectural project is personal to the client. Some come to us with little more than an idea, others have a signed off budget and an imminent handover date. Some want a few drawings, others need a fully project managed architectural process. Wherever you are on the journey, we can help translate your thoughts and ideas into reality.

During our initial consultation we’ll discuss the services you need, from initial creative concepts to the finest of finishing details that make all the difference. We’ll look at what other professionals you might need to engage – structural engineer, energy consultant, quantity surveyor – all of which we will recommend for you to fully engage in terms of coordination on your project. And we’ll liaise with local and national statutory authorities in the case of listed properties and those in conservation areas.

We’ll help you decide what level of service you need, whether you want to take a hands on approach or prefer us to manage the process on your behalf. But whether we’re working on a community project or a retail space, a residential extension or a commercial estate, we will always strive to ensure that the final outcome is the same: happy, satisfied clients whose expectations have been delivered.

From concepts and visualisation to urban design, master planning to heritage statements, contract administration and buildings regulations. We are available to support you with a range of technical services. These can be included within a larger project remit or provided on an individual basis to suit your needs.